How to choose permanent make up or microblading artists?


When you finally made a decision to have your eyebrows, lips, or eyeliners done, the next agenda is how to find the permanent makeup artist who will perform one of these procedures in the most beautiful and efficient way? Who can you trust with your face? I remember myself when I was looking for someone to do my eyebrows. It was such a frustration! Looking at the pictures, asking my friends, but I still could not make my decision. I was scared and totally uneducated in this area. Today, just by looking at someone’s work, I can tell if I would use this artist or not, but all this knowledge came with experience. In this article, I would like to share some of my knowledge with you.

So how do you choose an artist? I believe the easiest way is to ask your friends, coworkers, or relatives who already had permanent makeup done and you like the results of what you see on their faces. But what happens if this is not an option? Then, you will have to do your homework and I want you to take it seriously!!! Permanent makeup is not a regular makeup that in case you change your mind or don’t like something you can easily take makeup remover and take it off. It stays months, even years on your face. You look at yourself in the mirror multiple times a day and you have to be happy with what you see. You have to feel confident about yourself! People are looking at you, your friends, your boyfriends, coworkers, etc – they all see your face; therefore, it is important to have the best results possible.

High-quality permanent makeup cannot be cheap!!! And this is the biggest mistake that people do when they make their decision based on price. Cheap means low quality pigments that will fade into unwanted colors such as blue, green, purple or red. Cheap means: cheap tattoo machines and needles that will damage your skin. Cheap means: unexperienced tattoo artists. When dealing with something as precious as your face, you really need exceptional training, the best pigments and the best tools. I have clients who have begged me to fix their eyebrows or lips. In many cases, I have to turn them down and send them for removal. So, if you still think that competence is expensive, then try incompetence and it will cost you much more. The results of poorly performed permanent makeup procedures will cost you more on the long run. Single removal procedures cost between $150-$200 per session and I am not talking about laser removal; I am talking about removal with chemicals. In order to remove unsuccessful permanent makeup, you will need multiple sessions to achieve the result that you want. So, think twice before you make your decision based on the price.

Another important factor that I want you to pay attention to is the permanent makeup artist should have a portfolio. Portfolio should include pictures of the artist’s work. For example, you should be able to see before and after pictures. If the artist cannot provide you with this then do not go there. Most likely the artist is unexperienced and you will end up with unhappy results. Also, when you call to schedule your appointment, you should always have your consultation first. It is essential to meet the artist in person. You should be able to see the working place and ask the artist questions. She/He should be able to explain to you about the procedure and what are the contraindications and preparations for it. For example, before any procedure it is not recommended to drink coffee nor any stimulant drinks containing caffeine because caffeine acts as a blood thinner and can cause more trauma as well as bleeding during procedure.

It is important for your health that all products that are used during the procedure would be single use. For that reason, ask the artist if cartridges for the machine and pigment cups are the single use items.

In addition, after the procedure, the artist should provide you with after-care instructions. The proper care after your procedure is 50% of successful results.

I wish you all to stay beautiful, confident and have the best results in permanent makeup!

Yelena Dale RN, BSN, Permanent Makeup Artist in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Yelena Dale