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This is the newest permanent makeup technique which creates a soft blush of color to the lips.

Powder Brows

Look very similar to your natural brows, and are sometimes called ombre brows permanent makeup.


Eyelash enhancement or invisible eyeliner. It involves tattooing an ultra-thin black line along the lash line.


3D Areola Restoration is an amazing service which gives the look of a real areola, as well as protrusion of the nipple.


Hi, my name is Yelena Dale

I am a registered nurse and tattoo artist licensed by the State of Florida and New Jersey. My passion for art, beauty and fashion may come from my father who was a professional painter and artist. I do not know if my genes played the role, but after being a nurse for ten years, I decided to change my career and become a permanent makeup artist.

Our Masters

Alla Charnyshova

I am permanent makeup artist with 6 years of experience. I came to United States from Belarus, thus I like to incorporate the latest European techniques in my work. I believe they deliver the most natural results. I attended over 20 individual master classes with the best artists in this industry from all over the world and trained other permanent makeup artists to work in the same techniques as I am.
I like to be challenged so I regularly compete in permanent makeup championships and won many of them. I love making women beautiful and confident. On my days off I love spending time with my daughter going to the beach and riding a bicycles.

Elsa Orlova

Elsa Orlova is a highly skilled and experienced specialist in the field of permanent makeup. With over 7 years of practice, she has established herself as a leading professional in the industry. Elsa’s expertise goes beyond just permanent makeup, as she has also excelled as a makeup artist, eyebrow artist.
Elsa’s mission is to instill confidence in her clients and help them feel beautiful. She firmly believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to beauty enhancement and understands the importance of individualized recommendations. By listening attentively to each client’s unique desires and preferences, Elsa ensures that she provides the best possible results.

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